The High Pressure Institute of Japan has prescribed the Japanese FFS code, HPIS Z101 Level 1, which can evaluate a crack-like flaw without an extensive knowledge of fracture mechanics. Level 2 is currently being studied and will also be prescribed. In HPIS Z101 Level 2, a two-parameter method (FAD: Failure Assessment Diagram) will be adopted. This paper reveals that FACs dependent on the type of materials should be specified. Kr-Lr relations calculated from experimentally obtained Ramberg-Osgood constants of several steels are compared with the FACs of BS7910 Level 2A & API 579 Level 2, R6 Option 1 and ASME N494-3. It is found that the FAC of ferritic steel in ASME N494-3 is pertinent to carbon steels with a marked yield point plateau while the FAC of BS7910 Level 2A & API 579Level 2 is suitable for ferritic steels other than carbon steels such as 0.5Mo, 2.25Cr-1Mo and 2.25Cr-1Mo-0.25V steels. Further, cut-off values dependent on the strength of the material and the plasticity interaction factors for the FAC of carbon steels are proposed.

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