Assessment of the local thin area should be undertaken for both tension and compression bending. In this paper, simplified reference stresses for a flaw in a cylinder are proposed. By using these results, a newly-developed p-M (internal pressure ratio and external bending moment ratio) diagram which can evaluate the plastic collapse condition for pressure equipment such as vessels, piping and storage tanks with a local thin area simultaneously subjected to internal pressure, p, and external bending moment, M, due to earthquake, etc. is proposed. The p-M line is verified by comparison with the FEA results and the numerous results of experiment for a cylinder with a volumetric flaw obtained through the reference literatures. It was clarified that the differences in plastic collapse limit between the p-M line and DNV guideline under both internal pressure and compression moment became evident where the outer diameter/wall thickness of a cylinder is large and the yield ratio of the material is small.

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