This paper presents a preliminary investigation about the plasticity correction factor, Ke, proposed in the Part 3–Clause 18 of the EN13445 standard, for correction of the elastic stress ranges exceeding twice the yield stress, resulting from mechanical loading. The plasticity correction factors are re-analyzed using a calculation strategy based on a comparison between results from fully-elastic and elastoplastic analyses. Several materials, elastoplastic models and geometries are considered in the study. The analyses revealed, for an important number of the situations, non-conservative results for Ke calculated according to the standard, which suggests the need for improvements in the standard procedures. However, more intensive research will be carried out to support these preliminary results. Nevertheless, authors recommend that a greater emphasis should be dedicated in the standard to the elastoplastic analysis, since the fatigue resistance data presented in the standard is strain-life type data. The elastoplastic analysis should be the preferred approach for evaluation of the strains/stresses for fatigue analysis.

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