It is known that the fatigue life in elevated temperature water is substantially reduced compared with that in the air (1–4). Although the key parameters that have an effect on fatigue lives are strain rate and temperature in PWR water environment, it is necessary to consider the other factors on fatigue life for accurate evaluation. The effects of many factors on fatigue life have been investigated experimentally in the EFT project of Japan Nuclear Energy Safety Organization (JNES). Many tests have been done for carbon, low alloy, stainless steel and nickel-based alloy, and the environmental fatigue life equation that evaluates quantitative factor influencing the fatigue life has been proposed. In this paper, in order to evaluate effects of material structure difference between base metal and weld metal, strain amplitude, strain rate, strain ratio, temperature, sulfur content in steel, aging, water flow rate and strain holding, fatigue tests were performed in simulated PWR water environment.

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