The proposed research project consists of the seismic rehabilitation of a 1930’s historic building situated in Stockton, California (Seismic Zone 4), using the 1997 Uniform Code for Building Conservation and the Federal Emergency Management Agency FEMA-356 guidelines. The 2-story building was originally built for the Southern Pacific Railroad Company and served as the Stockton Train Depot. The structure consists of un-reinforced brick masonry walls and flexible wood diaphragms. A three-dimension analytical model will be developed and a comparative study will be done for the two approaches. A detailed comparison of the FEMA-356 provisions and the 1997 Uniform Building Code for Conservation (UCBC-97) is performed to establish cost/benefit analyses of the proposed retrofit strategy. A comprehensive comparison of structural capacities of major load-carrying members will also be conducted. Based on the parametric results of this study, a performance-based design scheme will be proposed for retrofitting the existing building to meet the intended seismic performance in the event of major earthquake events.

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