Fatigue failures often take place in high temperature pressure vessels and equipment because of fluctuation of pressure and temperature. Fatigue crack growth properties of materials at high temperatures are very important for safety assessment of high temperature equipment. A series of fatigue crack growth tests were carried out, and fatigue crack growth rates were determined at 25∼500°C for typical steels 316L and 16MnR. The laws of fatigue crack growth of two materials at different temperatures and the effect of temperature on fatigue crack growth rates were studied. The results show that the crack growth rates increase with temperature for 316L steel. Both the exponent n and constant C for Paris law change with temperature. The fatigue cracks of 16MnR propagate at 150 °C and 300 °C more slowly than at room temperature and 425 °C. The fatigue crack growth rate at 425 °C is the highest for temperature range of 25–425 °C.

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