A research program dedicated on the interaction between motion and wear in aqueous environment was launched by “Electricite´ de France” (EDF). The influence of environmental parameters such as temperature, chemical composition and oxidative power will be tested. In primary water of nuclear reactors, contacts occur at high temperature (320°C) and corrosion effects are likely to be determining. The whole study will thus be performed from a corrosion-wear point of view. A wear simulator able to operate at high temperature and in high-pressurized water was thus electrochemically instrumented to perform in situ measurements. The results obtained at room temperature are presented. The oxidative power of the environment was varied using dissolved oxygen or hydrogen. It is shown that the oxidative power of the environment has a strong influence on corrosion and wear. Electrochemical experiments performed in situ prove that vibrations induced contacts lead to the removal of the passive film present on the steel. The extent of wear can be evaluated using electrochemical measurements. Prospects opened by this technique in studying wear in primary water at high temperature (320°C) are finally discussed.

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