This paper describes three objectives: (a) experiments on the unsteady pressure fields generated in annular flow, made of two uniform concentric rigid cylinders, when the outer cylinder of the annulus is subjected to either lateral or rocking motion in the plane of oscillation; (b) calculations of the unsteady pressure for viscous laminar flows in the same annular configurations using the time-accurate integration of the full non-linear Navier-Stokes equations. For this purpose, the three-point backward implicit scheme with pseudo-time and artificial compressibility is used and the discretized equations are solved on stretched staggered grids to enhance the accuracy of the solution; (c) comparison of theoretical and experimental results, which shows that when the amplitude of oscillation of the outer cylinder is of the order of one-tenth of the annular gap excellent agreement between the measured and calculated unsteady pressures is obtained, thus validating the numerical procedure used. The results of this research can be used for flow-induced vibration analysis.

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