The overdriven detonation refers to detonation process in which the main detonation parameters, such as detonation pressure and propagating velocity, exceed the corresponding Chapman-Jouguet (C-J) values. This kind of detonation can be occurred when the flyer plate of high velocity impacts the explosive. So, in this work numerical simulation of overdriven detonation (following O.D.D.) phenomenon, which brings out higher detonation pressures than C-J pressure of an explosive is considered. The shock-structure interaction in this fast event is modeled by a penalty coupling, which permits to couple a Lagrangian mesh of the plate to material points of a multi-material Eulerian flow. This technique has been used successfully in many areas of applications, including automotive and industrial fields. By using an explicit finite element method, a good agreement between numerical and experimental results will valid penalty coupling capabilities to solve accurately O.D.D. phenomenon.

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