Much construction scrap is discharged when a dwelling or a building are disassembled. Wood is tipped. Concrete is recycled to new object for concretes, the aggregate for pavement, etc. Glass is classified and crushed, and is recycled by the materials of the glass called cullet. However, in fact, only rough classifying was performed, a little construction scrap is recycled and many materials have been disposed by reclamation. In order to raise the rate of recycling of glass, it not only raises the rate of classify at the disassembling, but it is necessity of also processing to a cullet. On a glass plate with adhesion sheet for crime prevention, because the resin ingredient mixes, it is difficult to make it to the cullet. For this reason, it is necessary to develop an effectively technique for crushing and making to cullet of the glass with resin. Then, we are have examined that only glass is crushed using an underwater shock wave, and it easily separated in to the glass and resin.

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