Finite element analysis of thermo-mechanical problems is reported here. From the literature, it may be seen that the thermal-elastic plastic analysis of structural elements has continued to remain a research topic for a couple of decades. No one computationally verified the thermal elastic plastic stress analysis with creep using triangular elements or quadrilateral elements. Finite element analysis code TSAP (Thermal Structural Analysis Programme) was developed in FORTRAN to handle the elastic-plastic stress analysis on two-dimensional planar or three dimensional axisymmetry structures subjected to combined thermal and mechanical loads. In this work, thermo elastic plastic analysis is extended to creep support. A triangular or quadrilateral element has been used to analysis of structures with inclusion of creep. The formulation is based on isotropic or kinematic hardening rule. The validation checks on the program are carried out using results available in the literature. The parameters are considered while analyses are (1.) Type of materials used (2.) Type of elements used (3.) Structure geometry (axisymmetry, plane stress or plane strain) (3.) Type of analysis (steady state or transient state) (4.) Type of loading (5.) Various boundary conditions (conductive or heat flux boundary) (6.) Effect of creep inclusion.

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