Blending of liquids with different densities is often performed by the oil industry. Side-entry mixers are frequently used to homogenize the contents of storage tanks. Normally, empirical correlations are used to determine the mixing time of these mixers. The objective of the work, discussed in this paper is to establish the potential of CFD in determining these mixing times. A buoyancy extended standard k-ε model has been used to model the mixing behaviour in a tank containing two miscible liquids of different density, which are stratified before the mixer is switched on. The agreement with the experiments was not good: the model in some cases underestimated the mixing time by an order of magnitude. In another attempt, LES technique was used to model this problem. The agreement with the experiments became better but still the mixing time in the low Froude number range was seriously underestimated. Work is in progress to refine the LES simulations.

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