Stainless steel fittings such as elbows, tees, nipples and so on have been widely used in mechanical structures and chemical plants, it is well known that the leakage in the fittings used sealing tapes is less than that without the sealing tapes. In a practical design, it is necessary to examine the stress states and the leakage in the fittings under internal pressure and external loads such as tensile loads, bending moments and so on. This paper deals with the FEM stress analysis of the fittings subjected to internal pressure. In the FEM calculations, the engaged screw threads are taken into consideration as helical threads in the three-dimension. The leakage tests for the fittings under internal pressure were also conducted by using liquid (oil). Using the results of the leakage tests and the calculated stress states in the fittings, the sealing performance of the fittings under internal pressure was evaluated and the effect of the tightening torque was clarified on the sealing performance. In addition, the numerical results were compared with the experimental results. As the result, the effects of the sealing tapes on the contact stress distributions were also clarified.

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