This paper proposes a dynamic absorber effective in machines and structures, which can be modeled as a flexible beam with a circular section. A winder, which is textile machineries as an example, is taken up, and vibration control of a spindle with a circular section is performed. The winder has a cantilever type hollow spindle which is supported at one end and free at the other, and there is a vibration problem that is caused by increase of vibration amplitude of the spindle at critical speed. In the case of the winder, because of winding up a synthetic fiber to the spindle, there is no space to mount dynamic absorbers to the outside of the spindle. Then new dynamic absorber is developed for mounting to the inside of the free end of the hollow spindle. The dynamic absorber is simply composed of a mass, a rod, and two spherical surface bearings, and it is possible to suppress whirl vibration of the spindle. The effectiveness of the proposed dynamic absorber is confirmed by the simplified and the practical experiment.

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