In Japan, there are many houses built on limited space and also besides side of causeways and railroads, due to population concentration in the cities in recent years. Houses with 3-stories or slender structure houses are susceptible to traffic vibration induced by external forces. This affect frequency creates an uncomfortable environment for habitation. Because houses often have a complex geometry, it is difficult to establish the vibration characteristics of a structure. Furthermore, the response characteristics of a house will change with environmental condition. To address some of these issues, an Active Mass Damper (AMD) has developed in order to supply for users with a reasonable price. This AMD has a mass of 176kg in weight supported by guide springs, and driven by an AC servomotor and a wire rope. The AMD is controlled by two methods, LQ Control and Direct Displacement Feedback (DDFB) Control. In this report, a control effect is examined through simulation when the AMD is installed in the RF level of a 3-story house model. The simulation results are demonstrated that the AMD could improve the uncomfortable environment in houses. A matter of particular note was reduction of about 4 dB in the overall vibration level. Concerning an experimental study about this equipment, refer to the following report, “Fundamental experiment of Active Mass Damper for houses against traffic vibration”.

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