Three dimensional (3D) seismic isolation device has been developed to use for the base isolation system of the heavy building like a nuclear reactor building. The developed device is the 3D seismic isolation device that consists of the laminated rubber bearing as a horizontal isolation device and the rolling seal type air spring as the vertical isolation device in series. As the lead rubber bearing and the air spring are individually widely utilized with the general buildings and industrial structures, their reliability is high. However, when these pieces of equipment are combined, the issues that should be developed arise. The prospect of the technical feasibility of the device has already been acquired by feasibility test. In this study, a 1/12-scaled model of a 3D base isolation device is manufactured and the four tests are carried out. The four tests are dynamic vertical and horizontal test, orifice-damping test, pressure resistant ability test, and accelerated aging test. As the results of the tests, the developed 3D seismic isolation device is confirmed to be applicable to a nuclear power plant.

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