The use of base isolation for enhancing the seismic resistibility has been proved as an efficiency way from experimental efforts and theoretical studies. It is usual to insert a flexible device in horizontal direction to permit the most relative deformation at this level. Because of the rigidity of the superstructure is much higher than that of the base isolator underneath the structure, therefore, the behavior of the superstructure can be idealized as a rigid body during earthquakes. In general, hundreds of degrees of freedom and a step-by-step time history analysis are the basic requisitions for calculating the seismic response of a base isolated structure under earthquakes. In order to develop a simple tool which can be easily adopted for calculating the sliding displacement and the shear force of the base isolator, an exact solution for predicting the seismic responses of base isolated structures has been derived in this study. The comparison between the experimental results conducted at National Center for Research on Earthquake Engineering (NCREE) in Taiwan and the analytical results obtained from the exact solution show that the exact formulation derived in this study can predict the seismic response of the base isolated structure with very good accuracy.

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