The metal containers are used for products various in recent years. There are various shapes and a lot of kinds of metal containers. The metal containers can be miniaturized and trim weight. And metal containers are essential for the development of industry. The metal container has come to be used in all the situations as industry develops. However, there is few research of behavior of the metal container in these situations. Therefore, the research for the metal container in various situations is needed. We researched deformation and fracture of a small metal container for consumer in the situation by explosives. In this research, we experimented with a small metal container for consumer. The usage rate of the small metal container is very high in the electronics product. And, it is important to improve the safety of the small metal container. The detonating fuse was used in this experiment. Air or water was arranged in the metal container to attenuate the power of explosive of detonating fuse. As a result, the metal container is expanded greatly and destroyed in the experiment that used the detonating fuse. Then, it has been understood that the fracture spreads straight. Next, it took a picture of optics with an image converter high-speed camera (IMACON) to observe the situation of the progress of destruction. It has been understood that the speed of circumferential deformation in the small metal container is 1100m/s from the streak photograph. And, the appearance to which the detonation gas gushed was able to be observed from the crack by the framing photograph. Moreover, it was possible to take a picture of the appearance where the crack progresses to the container surface by irradiating light from front side of the metal container. Next, a basic value concerning the destruction of the small metal container was measured. The strain rate around the crack was 996s−1 according to the experiment with a strain gage. In addition, the fractograph was done by using the scanning electron microscope. As a result, the dimple pattern appeared clearly in the fracture at destruction to accompany the shock wave. It has been understood that destruction by the shock wave is a ductile fracture. In this research, the fracture characteristics of the metal container were able to be understood.

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