The Transportation Technologies Group (TTG) of Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) is currently tasked, by National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) Service Center (SC), Office of technical Support (OTS), National Security Department (NSD), Packaging Certification Division (PCD), to revise the Defense Programs’ Safety Guide 100 (SG-100). SG-100, formally entitled “Design Guide for Packaging and Offsite Transportation of Nuclear Components, Special Assemblies, and Radioactive Materials Associated with the Nuclear Explosives and Weapons Safety Program” is being revised to reflect current regulations as well as to incorporate lessons learned over the past several years. SG-100 was last published in 1994 as Revision 1, and has served as the key guidance document for the development of Defense Programs’ Type B package designs as well as their testing and testing and certification. Since that time, there have been two major revisions to the U.S. packaging and transportation regulations (due to revisions to US federal regulations, IAEA guidelines, and national standards), re-engineering of the DOE establishing the semi-autonomous NNSA, as well as numerous improvements in the analytical tools and methodologies used in package design and confirmatory review. This revision to SG-100 will capture these changes as well as reflect various lessons learned from certification reviews which have taken place over the past decade. TTG has also been tasked by PCD to present a workshop based on the revised SG-100 in September 2004.

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