Radioactive material packagings designed for out-of-commerce shipments are not necessarily subject to the same regulatory requirements as packagings designed for in-commerce service. For example, DOE Order 460.1B permits application of the notion of Equivalent Safety to out-of-commerce shipping within DOE sites. Equivalent safety can be viewed as a reduction in 10 CFR 71 design conditions without a corresponding loss of public health and safety. This paper presents a packaging design identified as the Tritium Spent Melt Overpack (SMO) that successfully utilized equivalent safety at the Savannah River Site (SRS). Because the spent melt materials are highly radioactive, the container must be loaded and closed remotely. The SMO design is a based on twenty-foot long eighteen-inch diameter pipe, with one end closed by welded plate and the open end closed by a latching plug that incorporates bore seals. The SMO receives a single sixteen-inch diameter by 16-foot long crucible partly filled with the waste product from the tritium extraction process. The loaded overpack is moved from the SRS Tritium Extraction Facility inside a heavily shielded cask. Upon arrival at a waste silo designed to receive the overpack, it is removed from the shielding cask by remote means and placed in the long-term storage silo. This paper provides an overview of the SMO overpack design and its operation.

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