The behavior of the casks used for the shipment of nuclear material must be assessed for a set of various normal and accidental situations. The security of the casks must also be studied in the case of an explosion. To perform this study, the « Institut de Radioprotection et Suˆrete´ Nucle´aire » (IRSN) led a multi-years program since 1996, including numerical simulations and a set of 9 experimentations on reduced-scale mock-ups. Such a complete program is necessary to validate numerical models used to simulate the mechanical behavior of constitutive materials of the representative mock-up. On a counterpart, since numerous experimentations would be costly prohibitive, numerical simulations are used to find the worse conditions of loading considering the security of the casks. These conditions being established, different points are investigated (check of leaks, effects of surrounding casks, ...). The two last experimentations are devoted to specific aspects which could not be studied, in details, with numerical simulations because of the high number of degree of freedom or because the physical phenomena associated are not correctly modeled with computer codes yet.

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