The explicit numerical integration method, introduced and proposed in the paper given by Chiou and Wu [1], is further developed. The method is based on the relationship that m-step Adams-Moulton method is linear convex combination of the (m − 1)-step Adams-Moulton and m-step Adams-Bashforth method with a fixed weighting coefficients. The general form taken from Chiou and Wu [1] is used to evaluate the recurrence expressions using the different number of previous mesh points. The explicit expressions are given for modified 3-step predictor-corrector method. The numerical algorithms are given for first and second-order nonlinear initial value problems and for system of ordinary differential equations. Some numerical examples, for different kind of problems, are used to demonstrate the efficiency and the accuracy of the proposed numerical method. The calculated numerical solutions show superiority of presented modified predictor-corrector method to standard Adams-Bashforth-Moulton predictor-corrector method.

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