Radial Basis Functions (RBF) are popular for interpolating scattered data. In this context, the solution of the system of linear algebraic equations (SLAE) is the most time-consuming operation. Techniques fail with large point sets consisting of more than several thousands of points when direct methods and global support are used. In this paper we demostrate that the solution of the SLAE in the wavelet domain is suitable for the problem of image interpolation by means of Compactly-Supported Radial Basis Functions (CSRBF). The iterative solution of SLAE with highly irregular matrices cannot be accelerated by wavelet transformation and subsequent sparcification if the transformed matrix is still highly irregular. To solve the SLAE in the wavelet domain, the ordering of the samples defines the spacial relationship and the energy of the coefficients in the low frequency domain. Two sorting algorithms for the wavelet domain solution are tested and compared with the spacial solution of the SLAE. Examples of image interpolation by means of CSRBF demostrate the superiority of the solution in the wavelet domain using GMRES iterative method.

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