The nuclear industry is a pretty dynamic industry, in that it is always on the move, changing every time we turn around. For that very reason, there is a need to keep up with the industry by providing changes to American Society of Mechanical Engineering Section XI, “Rules for Inservice Inspection of Nuclear Power Plant Components.” There have been many changes over the last three years. This paper addresses a few of those, but gives a feel for the number of changes from the 2000 Addenda to the 2003 Addenda, there have been a total of approximately 56 changes. Of those changes, 11 were in the repair/replacement requirements, 19 in the inspection requirements, 4 in the evaluation requirements, 18 in the nondestructive examination requirements, and 4 in the administrative requirements. The paper classifies the changes as “Technically Significant,” “Significant,” “Non-Significant,” or “Editorial.” The paper addresses only a few of those changes that were “Technically Significant.” The paper also includes some of the activities that the ASME Section XI Subcommittee is currently working on.

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