This paper presents measurements of the in-plane residual stress components through the wall of a 218mm long, 26mm deep repair weld, offset by 7mm from the centreline of a girth weld joining two type 316H stainless steel pipes approximately 37mm thick. The measurements were obtained using the deep hole drilling technique. Two locations were examined: (i) mid-length of the repair weld and (ii) the stop-end of the repair. Both measurements were taken along the girth weld centreline. The distributions and magnitudes of the measured longitudinal and transverse stress components at the two locations were very similar over the outer half of the pipe wall. Over the inner half of the pipe wall both components of stress were found to be significantly more compressive at the stop-end of the repair than at mid-length. In general, the transverse residual stresses were found to be lower than the longitudinal residual stresses at both locations. The measured stress profiles are compared with predicted residual stresses from a three dimensional finite element analysis for a similar weld repair.

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