SCC initiates and propagates along the fusion line or in the weld metal in BWR and many SCC initiation & propagation studies have been performed so far (Saito, et al. (1997), Kikuchi, et al. (1997), Itow, et al. (1997, 2000), Suzuki (1999), Namatame, et al. (2001)). SCC growth behavior can be evaluated by conjunction of SCC growth rates and the residual stress of the welded component, which consists of tension/compression region. Especially, thick components such as core shrouds have increasing and decreasing tensile stress profile under constant displacement. In general, SCC growth rates are obtained from CT specimens under constant loading condition. This study shows that SCC growth rates depend on dK/dt as well as on K and that their growth rates under constant displacement with decreasing K are lower than those under constant loading condition with increasing K.

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