A consortium has been formed, sponsored by the European Commission, to perform a project with the acronym NURBIM. The NURBIM project is focusing on the definition of best practice methodologies for performing risk analyses and establishing a set of criteria for the acceptance of risk quantities that can help Regulatory bodies in Europe to accept Risk-Informed In-Service Inspection (RI-ISI) as a valid tool for managing plant safety. One of the main areas within NURBIM has been Work Package 4 (WP-4) named Review and Benchmarking of Structural Reliability Models (SRMs) and associated software. The results of the benchmark studies are used in the process of formulating criteria which should be fulfilled for a suitable SRM and associated software for application of RI-ISI. Reports of the complete benchmark study can be found in Brickstad (2004) and Schimpfke (2004). The final report of both studies is given by Brickstad et al (2004).

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