As the worldwide fleet of nuclear power plants ages, the need to address wall thinning in pressure boundary materials becomes more acute. The 2001 ASME Code Case N-597-1, “Requirements for Analytical Evaluation of Pipe Wall Thinning,” provides procedures and criteria for the evaluation of wall thinning that are based on Construction Code design concepts. These procedures and criteria have proven useful for Code Class 2 and 3 piping; but, they provide relatively little flexibility for Class 1 applications. Recent full-scale experiments conducted in Japan and Korea on thinned piping have supported the development of a more contemporary failure strength evaluation methodology applicable to Class 1 piping. The ASME B&PV Code Section XI Working Group on Pipe Flaw Evaluation has undertaken the codification of new Class 1 evaluation methodology, together with the existing Code Case N-597-1 rules for Class 2 and 3 piping, as a non-mandatory Appendix to Section XI. This paper describes the current status of the development of the proposed new Class 1 piping acceptance criteria, along with a brief review of the current Code Case N-597-1 evaluation procedure in general.

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