For the realization of safe and economical fast reactor (FR) plants, the Japan Nuclear Cycle Development Institute (JNC) and Japan Atomic Power Company (JAPC) are cooperating on a research project titled “Feasibility Study on Commercialized FR Cycle Systems.” To certify the design concepts and validate their structural integrity, the research and development of the “Fast Reactor Structural Design Standard (FDS)” is recognized as being an essential theme. FDS considers the general characteristics of FRs and the design requirements for their rationalization. Three main problem areas related to research and development issues were identified by FDS. The first is “refinement of failure criteria,” which takes characteristic design conditions into account. The next is the development of “guidelines for inelastic design analysis” in order to predict the elastic plastic and creep behaviors of high-temperature components. Finally, efforts are being made toward preparing “guidelines for thermal load modeling” for FR component design where thermal loads are dominant. Their research plans and current status are explained.

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