To extend the life of a CANDU-6 reactor beyond its original design life requires a major investment for the replacement of reactor components (380 pressure and calandria tubes). After a preliminary technical and economical feasibility study [ref 1], Hydro-Quebec, owner of the Gentilly-2 NPP, has decided to perform a more detailed assessment to: • Get assurance that it is technically and economically viable to extend Gentilly-2 for another 20 years beyond the original design life; • Identify the detailed work to be done; • Define the overall cost and the general schedule; • Ensure an adequate licensing strategy to restart after refurbishment; • Complete all the Environmental Impact Studies required to obtain the government authorizations. Two processes have been used to assess the “health” of the station Systems, Structures and Components (SSCs): • The Plant Life Management Studies (PLIM) for approximately 10 critical SSC or families of SSC (PLIM Studies); • The Condition Assessment Studies for other SSC with a lower impact on the Plant production or safety. These two processes are briefly presented in the paper, as they were realized and applied at Gentilly-2 NPP.

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