In this paper, we investigate the free vibration and seismic response of a liquid storage thin cylindrical shell fixed on a rigid foundation including piping and attached structures which are considered as unaxisymmetric attached mass and stiffness. The coupled free vibration analysis method and seismic response analysis method are proposed when the thin cylindrical shell is coupled with a liquid contained in the shell, the attached mass due to the unaxisymmetric attached structures, and the attached stiffness due to the flexibility of piping. The equations of motion of the fixed-free cylindrical shell including a liquid, and with attached mass and stiffness are derived by the Flu¨gge’s shell theory analytically for a shell and the velocity potential theory for a liquid. Taking the dimensions of a shell, liquid and attached mass, stiffness as parameters, the free vibration and seismic response are investigated. Moreover, the comparison between the analytical results and the experimental ones is performed.

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