In NUREG/CR-6674, a probabilistic fracture mechanics analysis was conducted to assess the effects of light water reactor environmental effects on the probability of fatigue initiation and subsequent crack growth leading to leakage and possible core damage. The results were based on stresses for typical locations in BWR and PWR reactors as determined from an analysis reported in NUREG/CR-6260. Although environmental effects were shown to have an insignificant effect on core damage frequency, the study concluded that there could be a significant increase in probability of leakage. A detailed review of the methodology and input conditions used in NUREG/CR-6674 has been completed, including use of an altered probabilistic fatigue curve with more representative high-cycle stress variance and consideration of results from more recent environmental fatigue testing. This revised analysis indicates that environmental effects on the probability of leakage and core damage frequency in an extended nuclear plant operating period are significantly less than previously reported in NUREG/CR-6674. This paper summarizes the analysis performed and the results obtained.

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