The focal point of this paper is to go in-depth in to the potential utilization of MEMS to further enhance safety measures within nuclear power plants. Robots, which are being researched and developed in Sandia National Laboratories, sometimes built as small as the size of a pollen grain, can be utilized to constantly monitor the stress analysis within all aspects of running a Nuclear Power Plant. From cooling towers to detecting miniscule cracks within pipes, MEMS can be utilized to constantly detect and even possibly repair minor faults within the overall structure of a nuclear power plant. MEMS technologies provide the ability to reliably produce micro actuators and sensors to meet these mission requirements. MEMS technologies are also attracting an increasing interest from the commercial sector for various applications. Currently, Sandia National Laboratories has been developing MEMS technologies to support its core missions of weapon surety, stockpile maintenance, and national security interests. Already, the project has been responsible for numerous electromechanical systems in nuclear weapons, which ensure nuclear safety and provide reliable arming, fusing and firing. With these factors in consideration, the main idea of this paper is to present ideas for producing sensors and robots on a micro scale, which could be programmed to communicate and work within each other to have enhanced safety and efficiency within a nuclear power plant.

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