In the material processing such as shock synthesis and powder consolidation by shock waves the method for generating dynamic pressure is of very importance for the final recovered materials. A general and convenient way for producing shock wave needed in such field is to take advantage of the explosion effect from high explosive. Therefore, it becomes an interest subject how to produce dynamic pressure as high as possible under the given high explosive. Starting from this motivation, we put forward a method of high-pressure generation by using the overdriven detonation of high explosive. The basic configuration for this device is summarized in the following. A metal flyer accelerated by the high explosive is used to impact another layer of high explosive to incur an overdriven detonation in this layer of explosive. The overdriven detonation of high explosive acts on the powder materials, providing the high dynamic pressure for it. To examine the efficiency of this combination, a numerical computation is performed to this system. The details on the illustration of this system and numerical treatment will be given.

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