In this paper, a new experimental method of full scale real time shaking table test of structural element is introduced. The main feature of this experimental method is characterized by the use of the inertial loading equipment. The inertial loading equipment consists of a loading frame, a counter weight and isolators. The loading frame supported by the isolators was set on the shaking table. Specimens used in this experimental method were partial frames taken out from full scale building structures. The test set-up was composed of a specimen, the inertial loading equipment and loading beam which transmits the horizontal force to the specimen from the inertial loading equipment. This test set-up, regarded as a single degree of freedom system, makes it easy to understand the dynamic behavior of the test set-up including a specimen. Furthermore, the natural period of the experimental system corresponds to the fundamental natural period of existing building structures. So, full scale and real time dynamic loading test of partial frame can be realized. This method was developed for the existing large scale shaking table and the effectiveness has been already verified through many experiments. Further development of the experimental method adjusted to the 3-D largest shaking table under construction at present is also described.

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