Generic Aging Lessons Learned (GALL) report, License Renewal Standard Review Plan (SRP-LR), and regulatory guide were issued by the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) in June 2001. The intent of these documents was to provide the technical and process basis that will lead to a more effective, efficient and predictable license renewal process for industry and the NRC. The GALL report provides the aging effects on components and structures, identifies the relevant existing plant programs, and evaluates the program attributes to manage aging effects for License Renewal. The GALL report also identifies when existing plant programs would require further evaluation for License Renewal. The SRP-LR allows the applicant to reference the GALL report to demonstrate that the programs at the applicant’s facility correspond to those reviewed and approved in the GALL report. Programs that correspond to those in the GALL report will not need further detailed review by the staff. Implementation of the aging management program are verified as part of the license renewal inspection program. The GALL report identifies one acceptable way of demonstrating that components and structures have adequate aging management programs. However, applicants may propose alternatives to the programs identified in GALL. During the license renewal review, the NRC primarily focuses on areas where existing programs should be augmented or new programs developed for License Renewal. This paper will provide an overview of these documents and some of the lessons learned during a demonstration project in the application of the new guidance. This topic will be of interest to the U.S. participants considering License Renewal and desiring to know state-of-the-art information about License Renewal in the United States.

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