The dynamic response of piping systems with a bolted flange is analyzed. Experimental and numerical analyses and results are presented and show excellent correlation. An overhanging piping system at various span lengths with a flange at mid-length is used. The testing configuration consists of a standard 2-in. (51 mm) schedule 40 steel pipe and an ANSI B16.5 class 300-pound flange. The presence of a spiral wound wire gasket and high strength flange bolts is also assessed. Included are multiple resonant frequencies and their respective mode shapes for various span lengths and gasket configurations. The experimental procedure utilizes an accelerometer to gather the dynamic response output of the piping system due to an impulse. The resonant frequencies are then determined using a Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) method. The numerical analysis is conducted using the commercial Finite Element (FE) code ANSYS®. Both methods take into account the complex interaction between the flange and gasket and their impact on the entire piping system. The dynamic effects of a bolted flange and gasket on a piping system are critical in their use and a summary of the results for a variety of configurations is presented.

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