There have been many cracking experiences of light water reactor (LWR) core internals worldwide in the past. Thermal and Nuclear Power Engineering Society in Japan (TENPES) has organized a committee to prepare technically reasonable and appropriate inspection and evaluation guidelines (I&E guidelines) for core internals. This committee consists of scholars and representatives from electric utilities and nuclear plant vendors in Japan. I&E guidelines, which cover a rational inspection plan, structural integrity assessment and repair methods, have been developed considering nuclear safety function and structural strength of each core internal component. For BWR reactors, the development of I&E guidelines cover major core internal components like shroud support, core shroud, top guide, core plate, ICM and CRD housing, core spray piping and sparger, jet pump etc. For PWR reactors, the development of I&E guidelines cover baffle former bolts, barrel former bolts, core barrel weld, bottom mounted instrumentation, etc. The I&E guidelines will be completed by the end of March 2002. The basic concept of the guidelines, and a guideline for shroud support of a BWR as an example, are shown in this paper.

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