To study the effect of temperature on the tightening characteristics of gaskets, leak rate tests were performed using a servo-hydraulic test equipment (short term temperature exposure). According to the tests the tightening behaviour of gaskets made of fibre based sheet material improved with temperature due to additional deformation of the gaskets during the test. In tests with camprofile gaskets with graphite layers there was no significant additional deformation of the gasket thus the leak rates showed no difference between room temperature and elevated temperature. Regarding long term exposure to temperature it is expected that with a lot of gasket materials the leak rates increase after a certain aging period. It is too expensive to study these effects with complex servo-hydraulic test rigs. Therefore a more simple test rig was developed that can be loaded in hydraulic test rigs (to determine leak rate vs. gasket stress curves) and that can be exposed to temperature in an oven or by a special heating device.

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