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Proceedings Papers

Volume 2: Computer Technology and Bolted Joints

Computer Technology and Bolted Joints

Assembly of Bolted Flange Joints

PVP 2015; V002T02A001doi:
PVP 2015; V002T02A002doi:
PVP 2015; V002T02A003doi:
PVP 2015; V002T02A004doi:

Computational Topics in Limit Analysis, Elastic-Plastic Analysis and Creep

PVP 2015; V002T02A005doi:
PVP 2015; V002T02A006doi:
PVP 2015; V002T02A007doi:
PVP 2015; V002T02A008doi:

Design and Analysis of Bolted Flange Joints

PVP 2015; V002T02A009doi:
PVP 2015; V002T02A010doi:
PVP 2015; V002T02A011doi:
PVP 2015; V002T02A012doi:
PVP 2015; V002T02A013doi:
PVP 2015; V002T02A014doi:

Design and Analysis of Packings and Valves

PVP 2015; V002T02A015doi:
PVP 2015; V002T02A016doi:
PVP 2015; V002T02A017doi:

Explicit and Implicit Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis

PVP 2015; V002T02A018doi:
PVP 2015; V002T02A019doi:
PVP 2015; V002T02A020doi:

New and Emerging Methods of Analysis and Applications

PVP 2015; V002T02A021doi:
PVP 2015; V002T02A022doi:

Threaded Fasteners

PVP 2015; V002T02A023doi:
PVP 2015; V002T02A024doi:
PVP 2015; V002T02A025doi:
PVP 2015; V002T02A026doi:

Tightness and Fugitive Emissions of Bolted Flange Joints

PVP 2015; V002T02A027doi:
PVP 2015; V002T02A028doi:
PVP 2015; V002T02A029doi:
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