Hastelloy® N alloy was developed in the 1950’s as ‘INOR 8’ by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory to resist molten salts used as a fuel and coolant in the early development of molten salt nuclear reactors for propulsion and power generation. China has recently expressed interest in Hastelloy N for use in prototype and demonstration components for a high-temperature, uranium-fueled, molten-salt cooled reactor for the production of electricity. An ASME Section III NH Code Case will be necessary to move Alloy N forward commercially. This paper discusses the guidelines for design data requirements necessary to satisfy the Boiler Code for elevated temperature nuclear applications where creep effects are significant. The historic tensile and creep properties data for Alloy N (N10003) were collected and re-analyzed in accordance with current ASME procedures. The collected data will be uploaded into the ASME Materials Properties Database to support the NH Code Case development.

Paper published with permission.

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