Gallium Nitride (GaN) high electron mobility transistors (HEMTs) are attracting attention, especially due to their high power densities. However, their performance is limited due to resulting temperature rise, which requires thermal management systems (TMS). Different methods have been proposed, including high thermal conductivity substrates, GaN-specific packaging solutions, and heat spreaders. In this study, the proposed ultra-compact jet impingement (UJI) TMS includes a single or array of jets impinging the heat transfer fluid (HTF) to the GaN package base plate, with an arrangement of fins to increase the effective surface area. A parametric study is performed to develop a mathematical model for the design of UJI-TMS integrated with micro-fins. The computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling for a single array of nozzles integrated with and without fins were performed. The system’s performance was evaluated under 1 kW/cm2 heat flux. The results from the analysis of the optimized geometry including array of nozzles integrated with fins, showed an average temperature of around 38 °C for the surface of the package.

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