This paper is comprised of three sections and outlines the outcome achieved from instituting an effective preventative maintenance program; specifically, highlighting a steam surface condenser application that was originally equipped with a stainless-steel metal bellows type expansion joint system. In the first section of the paper, a general overview of steam inlet type expansion joint systems will be presented to provide an understanding of the specific application, typical design parameters and conditions, system components, varying expansion joint designs, configurations, and installation methodologies. The second section will outline types of inspections that typically support preventative maintenance programs within the power generation industry. Lastly, the case study will examine the account of an actual project and the practice of implementing a preventative maintenance program; outlining inspection types, how those measures supported a root cause analysis, and ultimately developing a unique solution to address the issues identified during subsequent inspections and analyses. The case study focuses on developing a retrofitted rubber ‘dog bone’ expansion joint system to replace the failed metal bellows expansion joint. Various points within the overall project life cycle will be reviewed; from the point of initial inspection that identified the root cause and defined loss in performance, evaluation and engineering to support the replacement design, onsite execution and installation methodology, and post-maintenance testing and operation.

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