This paper introduces a novel type of direct-drive electric generator, suitable for producing high-power at low rpm in wind applications. The proposed patented design eliminates the magnetic core based on the concept of circular flux and characteristics of Halbach Array. By using circular flux crossing through patented Folded Electromagnetic Coils (FECs) on the stator, an optimal design with maximum use of space will be gained. Furthermore, through special configuration of diametric and axial magnets on the rotor, a pattern of circular flux can be produced, which is magnified only on the side of the stator (where needed), based on characteristics of the Halbach array. By using such design, the need for using magnets on both sides of armature windings (devised in certain designs such as the Yokeless and Segmented Armature (YASA) topology), will be eliminated, resulting in further reduction of the magnetic materials in the machine design. In the paper, we show how the proposed design results in better no-load voltage per kg by a factor of 1.52 when compared to a YASA design of the same physical size. Furthermore, we show how our calculations are based on experimental results verified through tests on a prototype of the proposed design.

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