In heat exchangers, twisted tape insert is a technique to enhance heat transfer. In this paper, the experimental investigation is arranged to analyse thermal performance and entropy generation analysis on fluid flow in helical screw inserts with number of strips. The Nusselt number is achieved enhancement with double strip as compared to single strip helical screw inserts at decreased values of twist ratio and increased values of flow rates. The Nusselt number is achieved maximum enhancement of 112% with double strip helical screw insert than plain tube at 4000 of Reynolds number, whereas it is found higher value at Reynolds number of 16000. The common correlations of Nusselt number and friction factor with repect of Reynolds number, number of the strips and twist ratio are generated. The entropy generation analysis is also performed. The thermal performance factor is found increment with double strip than single strip helical screw inserts at twist ratio of 2.5 and 3, whereas, it is attained maximum value of 1.5 at twist ratio 2.5 and Reynolds number of 16000 with double strip helical screw insert. The double strip helical screw inserts are suitable for reducing the size of heat exchanger, which could dercrease the size of many thermal applications as solar water heater, radiator, electronic cooling systems.

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