This paper addresses the potential of integrating the existing oil wells and absorption chiller for the purpose of provision space cooling for the base camp of oil field at Block 9 located in Oman. The wellbore was used as a hot water feed to the chiller. Well S 347 was selected as the hot water source and well S 179 was selected to be the injection well for the outlet water.

The existing wells were assessed via PIPESIM software. Using PIPESIM software, the fluid temperatures, well pressure and flow rates were obtained and analyzed throughout NODAL analyses. The water temperature of 100 °C, well head pressure of 100 psi and flow rate of 30 m3/h, were found to be the optimum operating parameters. The COP of the absorption chiller was obtained via ABSIM software. The variable operating conditions were investigated and elaborated as a function of the efficiency and capacity ratio. The designed system was configured to yield 0.733 COP and a capacity of 377 KW which met the cooling capacity of the admin building of block 9. The entire feasibility analysis was performed in terms of the overall cost as well as the saving that would be achieved from such homogeneity. The payback period of the entire system was found to be 7 years which emphasized a great potential of adapting the technology if the operating resources are available.

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