Based on the domestically developed urea hydrolysis reactor and urea hydrolysis ammonia process, a pilot test of urea hydrolysis was established with 10kg/h ammonia production for the flue gas denitration reductant, to reduce pollution of NOx emission from coal plant and avoid the environmental risk of liquid ammonia.The results show that urea hydrolysis reaction rate was controlled by the temperature monotonically. Steam consumption increases with the increase of pressure, especially when pressure is greater than 0.6 MPa and bring about lower economy. The higher feed concentration, the lower energy loss for the water latent heat of vaporization, and the lower operation cost of device. The maximum ammonia production is 16 kg/h, the hydrolysis conversion is greater than 98%, and the ammonia mass fraction of product gas is 22.6–34% (volume fraction of 28.5–48.0%) during the tests, at the feed concentration of 40–60%, the operating pressure and temperature of 0.6MPa and 160°C.

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