Fast valving of ultra-supercritical unit has great effects on over-speed prevention, load-shedding control, transient stability analysis of electrical system and other security problems. The purpose of fast valving is to maintain the stability of power system once fault or load shedding of unit occurs in the electric power system. Therefore, it is of great significance to study the reliability of fast valving for ultra-supercritical unit. In this paper, the KU ( short shedding) logic condition of SIEMENS T3000 system is analyzed as the research object of fast valving. The unit can be avoided over speed by monitoring the unit load and fast valving under faulty grid conditions based on the KU control. A series of measures will be taken after KU is triggered, for instance the governing valving will be closed quickly and the DEH (digital electro-hydraulic) control of the steam turbine will be switched to speeding control mode. On the other hand, the unit will return to normal operation if the transient fault of power grid disappears. The key contributions of this thesis include three parts: Firstly, based on the analysis of control characteristics of ultra-supercritical unit and protective logic and triggered conditions of KU function, a novel dynamic model by coupling the fast valving of steam turbine and the transient stability of generator is established by applying the PSCAD software. Then, the dynamic response process of ultra-supercritical unit is simulated and calculated by adopting the coupling dynamic model when KU function is triggered. Also the influence factors and reliability of fast valving are analyzed under transient fault conditions. Finally, two optimized measures by increasing the time delay and the speed of quantitative judgment are put forward to reduce risks and avoid the misoperation of signal distortion which may be caused by the power transmitter under transient fault conditions. The results of this study can not only help to evaluate the reliability of fast valving function scientifically in power grid transient fault, but also guide the technicians to analyze the stability of the power grid.

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