The Ultra-high Voltage (UHV) transmission has become an important developing direction of the Internet of Energy. Aiming at the influence of the Ultra-high Voltage transmission on the steam turbine, the primary frequency control (PFC) and low-load operation of units are analyzed emphatically. A coordination principle is proposed to guide operating personnel to modify PFC parameters. First, the PFC parameters are calculated qualitatively based on the proposed principle according to the units of Zhejiang province-China. Second, as the important embodiment of the PFC ability, the PFC capacity of a unit is illustrated from the angle of control valve opening, condensate throttling and feed water bypass and the removing high-pressure heater. Third, several measures are put forward to help increase the economical efficiency and safety when units are working in low-load due to the access of UHV. Finally, the future developing directions and the problems which need to be solved are discussed. The research of the effect of the UHV transmission on the steam turbine has great significance for the application of UHV and the Internet of energy (CSPE).

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