As most of wind farms are located at remote places with the large areas, it is difficult to manage wind farms and carry on the monitoring and diagnosis of wind turbines. Spot check is an effective way for the management of wind farm. The existing spot check information management systems are lack of effective management of data and further analysis functions, which makes the spot check data have not been fully used in judging the state of equipment. And the traditional spot check equipment has only simple functions including temperature and vibration detection. In order to solve the above problems, this paper develops a wind turbine spot check information management system. The spot check information management system manages the spot check routes, maintenance shifts, spot check staffs and other information. The spot check data can be uploaded to information management system via the wireless LAN. It can receive and deal with different kinds of signals such as vibration, temperature, noise and image signal. At the same time, it has the functions of vibration data analysis, trend analysis and prediction, fault diagnosis and so on, to judge the state of wind turbine. It can also export different kinds of spot check data report conveniently. According to field test, this spot check information management system can reasonably assign spot check tasks. And it can help to find the problem in time and reduce the maintenance cost.

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